Current publications

Strom currently writes more than 100 articles a year on technology for Infoworld and CSOonline, along with contributing to numerous corporate blogs. The best place to view this body of work can be found at

Book Author

When it came time for Prentice Hall to look for an expert on Internet email, Strom had the opportunity to work with Marshall Rose, one of the inventors of the basic email protocols as a co-author to pen the landmark book, Internet Messaging: From the Desktop to the Enterprise. Following on that success, he also wrote one of the first how-to books called Home Networking Survival Guide for Osborne/McGraw Hill.

Previous editorial management

Strom has started and run dozens of print and Web magazines, including being editor-in-chief at Tom's and the founding editor-in-chief at Network Computing. From June 2016 to July 2019 he wrote, edited, and curated a daily series of email subscription newsletters called Inside Security and built its subscriber base of more than 15,000. He also ran the B2B group of websites for during 2011. He also was the technology editor at Baseline Magazine from 2008-2011 and was on the original launch of PC Week's first demographic section called Connectivity back in 1988.

Here is his collection of his older published works, essays and speeches.

Custom consulting, white papers and screencasts

Strom produces short product review screencast videos that can help his vendor clients get their message across. These videos are published on a variety of websites, including

Companies come to Strom to try out new computer networking products and understand how they will work at some of the largest corporate IT shops. This hands-on approach permeates his work and gives him a firm foundation of what to recommend for his audiences and readers.

You can view his previously published custom white papers here.

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