"I want to thank you for your great keynote presentation at our conference. We feel fortunate that you were able to be with us and it was a special treat for us at Union College to have you here. Several people indicated that they enjoyed talking with you and were impressed that you made yourself available."

David Cossey, CIO, Union College and conference planner for a keynote that I gave at the Consortium of Liberal Arts College annual IT conference


"David truly cares about the speaking engagement and was very easy to work with. He has a great personality as well. He made it great fun working with him."

Donna Liotta, conference planner for a keynote that I gave at the American Hardware Manufacturer’s Association


"David is one of those annoying people who actually know an awful lot about things of which he writes. He looks deeper at people and technology than most. And it appears he does not actually sleep."

Dan Lynch, venture capitalist


"David is as fun in person speaking as he is in his written form. He has enter-trained technical audiences at our conferences several times. David is inspirational!"

Bill Alderson, technical trainer


"David is a brilliant writer and thinker about technology, media, markets and people. He has been a great source of insight and inspiration since."

Rich Mironov, marketing communications director at several of David's clients


"David is one of the smartest, most insightful observers of the tech industry and, owing to his unique mix of experiences, he also has a great understanding of customer needs and challenges."

John Gallant, editor-in-chief, Network World magazine


"David is one of the most objective and technically proficient journalists I have met in my career. He also has been correct more times than not in predicting technology trends and can see thru the hype and is well grounded in reality."

Mark Eppley, founder of Laplink.com


"David's keen understanding of networking technologies has helped me on numerous occasions, and his sharp wit makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. In my 30+ years in high-tech marketing, I've rarely come across a talent like David."

Mike Krieger, frequent speaker for Ziff Davis Enterprise Media


"David is one of the original wise men of the web – an original technology blogger who started back in 1995. He has a broad and deep understanding of technology, an immaculate ability to communicate that knowledge in plain language, and a take-no-prisoners attitude."

Bob Matsuoka, CEO of Internet software firm


"David caught my ear with his analysis of technologies for managed service providers – and some timely perspective on Microsoft Small Business Server, at a speech he did for the MSP Alliance in September, 2007."

Joe Panettieri, MSPmentor.com