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Intranet Books

With hundreds of titles, it can be hard to find the right intranet book or books. Here are our recommendations. The first three books are for non-IT professionals and go into more detail on strategy and why intranets and Internet technologies are useful. The remaining recommended books are for more technical audience.

Looking for more intranet-related books? Here is a complete listing of nearly 60 titles.

Doing More Business on the Internet

By Mary J. Cronin
Published by Van Nostrand
List: $29.95

One of the best books which addresses the overall use of the Internet in corporate business today. Plenty of case studies, explanations of various strategies, and how to develop the right plan of attack for moving your company into the wired world. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

The Internet Business Companion

By David Angell and Brent Heslop
Published by Addison Wesley
List: $19.95

A shorter and more hands-on book than Cronin's, this book is a good source for people who already have some notion of what to do and are looking for the right tools to use to get their Internet presence started. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!


By Patty Seybold and David Marshak
Published by Kiplinger Times Business
List: $27.50

Despite the title, this book is long on strategic thinking and case studies of what worked and what doesn't when it comes time to extend your corporation over the Internet and embrace your customers. Filled with lots of tips, factors for successful deployment of eCommerce, and case studies. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

Building the Corporate Intranet

by Steve Guengerich, Douglas Graham, Mitra Miller, Skipper McDonald
Published by John Wiley & Sons
List: $39.95

Building a corporate intranet requires integrating two very different technologies: Web development tools and enterprise-wide legacy systems. The authors, leading consults at BSG, explain the tools and techniques necessary for building an intranet. This book shows how to plan, design and build a corporate intranet system, including how to arrange and manage the project team, how to budget the project, and how to evaluate the tools available for building the system. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

The Corporate Intranet: Create and Manage an Internal Web for Your Organization

by Ryan Bernard
Published by John Wiley & Sons
List: $29.95

If you know you need an intranet, but aren't sure why (or how), this is the book to get. The Corporate Intranet covers every crucial point necessary to "create and manage an internal web for your organization." The language used is easy to understand, and the contents include both theoretical and technical aspects of the process. Showing users how to create an internal Web system, this book tells them how to build a client/server network structure that allows instant, random, and unfettered communications. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

Cyber Careers

by Mary E. S. Morris
Published by Prentice Hall Computer Books
List: $24.95
Publication date: April 1,1997 (not yet available)

The first authoritative, up-to-date guide to Internet careers -- invaluable for both employers and job-seekers, this is the only substantive treatment of the Internet job market by a recognized Internet expert. The book includes an exhaustive overview of Internet careers and their job requirements, and highlights developing trends in Internet staffing, such as contract workers and intranet professionals. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

Developing Databases for the Web & Intranets :
Your Step by Step Guide to Creating Powerful Web Databases

by John Rodley
Published by Coriolis Group
List: $39.99

An essential guidebook for programmers who are developing or maintaining a database on the Web and want to avoid all the pitfalls, this book teaches when to use embedded SQL versus ODBC, the pros and cons of popular languages, and why tool sets aren't always the smartest method. It includes a discussion of security issues, with tips on how to structure a database for optimum protection. CD contains sample databases and database CGI access scripts, as well as Java applets and more. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

The Intranet Bible

by Ed Tittel, James Michael Stewart & Don Parsons
Published by IDG Books Worldwide
List: $49.99

In one volume, here is all you need to know to design, implement, and manage a company intranet. The CD includes all sample code from the book, plus valuable scripts and utilities for setting up and managing an intranet, with links to leading intranet sites worldwide. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!

PC Week Intranet and Internet Firewalls Strategies

by Edward Amoroso, Ronald Sharp
Published by Ziff Davis Press
List: $29.99

As more and more companies begin to use the Internet and Intranets in their daily business, the opportunity for violation of their security increases. Firewalls are the solution to this problem-and this book is the complete guide to keeping company's information safe. Master the essential basics of firewalls: configurations, protocol issues, administration and more. By identifying the real threats to your network, you can establish packet filters or application-level gateways before security is breached.No prior technical experience is assumed-even the most complex issues are covered in clear, easy-to-follow language. Go to Amazon.com and buy this book now!