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Sadly, this page is outdated. This is a snapshot of what the early days of the web once looked like back in the late 1990s. -- David

Finding the right web-hosting provider

This site has a listing of world-wide internet service providers by Colossus, Inc.

If you put your area code in the BODY of an email message, you'll get back from BSDI a list of all internet service providers that offer service in that area.

PC World magazine has a similar service: just send mail to ISP-XXX@pcworld.com, where XXX is your area code (leaving blank the subject and body), and you'll get via return mail a list of Internet service providers in your area code.

Our article on on deciding how to pick your own web hosting provider in Web Review, along with a chart showing the costs for using several Internet hosting providers.

Server-related information

Webserver Benchmarks page with references to other people and places around the web that have done benchmarking of various web servers.
Netcraft does a monthly survey of which web servers are in actual use around the Internet.

Building Internet servers by the CyberGroup, Inc.

our WebCompare site is full of good information on both web servers and browsers

W3 Server Page which has the most comprehensive set of links to server software.

If you are offering Usenet netnews connection, here is a handy way to calculate how much disk storage you'll need to buy.

NT: Many tools for making your NT Server run on the Internet by Jim Buyens

Mac: ComVista's Macintosh Internet Resources for everything you need to know that will help you put your web site on a Mac.

When you get ready to announce your site, try:

WebPost, while not free, it could be worthwhile to use to keep track of what announcements you post where

How to Announce Your Web Site, with links to the major "what's new" places and newsgroups, by EPage.

Submit-it, a fast and fun way to list your server on various directories in a single mouse click, maintained by Scott Banister.

Style guides and other resources

Rick Levine's Guide to Web Style, which has lots of good information on improving your HTML code, navigation, java, netiquette and more.

WebTechs' HTML Repository, lots o' links to HTML specs, 3.x additions, and DTD's.

Webmaster Reference Libraryby Andrew B. King; all sorts of links to help build and manage Web sites, including tools and books

HTML Bad Style Page by Tony Sanders , a list of don'ts for HTML designers.

HTML Writer's Guild, the place to go to find others who can speak HTML.

Cye's Definitive HTML Book List, by Cye H. Waldman; if you are looking for a good book to learn HTML, this is one of the best lists around for what kind of book to get. There are books on CGI and Perl scripting, VRML, Java and overall design.

Web Artists Consortium mostly NYC-based group of artists and designers