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Note: This information is current as of May 21, 2018, but this market has seen many changes. I have been an eFax user for many years and am very happy with their service.

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A more detailed comparison chart and detailed reviews and pricing breakdown can be found at two places:

See a column for PC World here about the basics (2009).

See my article entitled, "Faxing on the Go" in Computerworld for a historical look (1999).




Receiving fax technology

Sending fax technology

Toll-free fax number, voice mail and email options too?

Typical prices


No viewer required PDFs

Web-based, sends from various file formats

Toll free numbers, voicemail and email options

varies, starts at $10/mo  (Free plan here)

Viewer required for free accounts only

Windows software, web form, and email gateway (for $5/month fee)

Toll-free fax included

Free to $20/mo.

No viewer required

Web and email gateways

Toll-free extra

$10/mo for 300 pages


No viewer required

Web form, mobile app, Google Docs

Local numbers in 40 countries

Free to $5/mo and more

No viewer required

Email gateway and Windows driver


$1/month plus per sending fax fees


No viewer required (web-based), copy of all incoming faxes forwarded directly to email

Web-based, Smartphone apps available

Local or toll-free number at no additional charge

7 day free trial, $5, $7, and $10/month plans

No viewer required

Email and Web gateways

Toll-free fax

$10 monthly, 30 day free trial


TIFF or PDF (email), web portal, API

email gateway, web portal, API

Toll-free fax included in all plans

$9/month and up

No viewer required: PDF or TIFF

Email gateway, web

Toll-free fax

$10/ month includes 100 sent and 200 received pages, 30 day free trial

Onesuite Fax

unlimited for $1/mo


Toll-free and voicemail

$3/mo for both in and outbound, 30 day free trial


No viewer required

Windows, Linux and Mac print drivers, email gateway, Web

Skype-based credits

Monthly plans start at $5  and 11 cents per page


No viewer required

Email gateway


$12/mo, free trials

No viewer required (web-based)


Voicemail and email, toll-free fax

$6/month plus 10 cents per page




free with ads, $2/fax without

 Australian-based companies:


No viewer required

Email gateway


AU$10/mo for 200 mins.


No viewer required

Email gateway




No viewer required

Windows driver, email gateway, web-based and API

Toll-free fax and local numbers

AU$59.95 per year (free first month)




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