David Strom

David Strom is one of the leading experts on network and Internet technologies and has written and spoken extensively on topics such as VOIP, convergence, email, cloud computing, network management, Internet applications, wireless and Web services for more than 30 years.

A resume can be found here. Clips and links to his various publications can be found here. He is also the creator of an innovative series of video screencast product reviews of enterprise IT products that can be found on Webinformant.tv and syndicated to various other Web sites.

He has had several editorial management positions for both print and online properties in the enthusiast, gaming, IT, network, channel, and electronics industries, including the editor-in-chief of Network Computing print, Digital Landing.com, and Tom's Hardware.com. He currently edits the Inside Security newsletter and writes for IBM's SecurityIntelligence.com, Techtarget's SearchSecurity.com and Network World.

Over the course of his editorial career, he has helped launch dozens of Web sites, including the DesignLine series (such as automotivedesignline.com for CMP's Electronics Group) and sites for convergence. As the founding editor-in-chief for Network Computing magazine, he hired a staff of 20, established the magazine's six networked laboratories, designed a network-based publishing and production system and wrote many articles on networking topics.

He has written over six thousand different articles covering a wide variety of opinion columns, reviews, feature stories and analyses for dozens of publications and web sites, including ITworld.com, TechTarget.com, Internet.com, Network World, Infoworld, Computerworld, Small Business Computing, c|net and news.com, eWeek, Baseline Magazine, PC World, and PC Magazine.  For many years, he wrote weekly opinion columns on eCommerce for IDGWorld's email subscription service, and networking columns in Infoworld and PC Week.

In addition to his editorial work, Strom is also a frequent speaker, panel moderator and instructor at various industry events and trade shows around the world, speaking on a wide range of networking and communications topics. He is represented by the speaker's agency Convention Connection. You can see samples of his presentations and links to previous and current engagements here.

He also has taught computer networking classes at the high school level and a graduate business class in management information systems theory. He has also appeared on the Fox TV News Network, NPR's Science Friday radio program, ABC-TV's World News Tonight and CBS-TV's Up to the Minute news broadcasts.

Since September 1995, he has self-published a weekly series of essays called Web Informant, sent via email to several thousand subscribers. The essays cover topics such as eCommerce, web site usability, VOIP, mobile communications and web product marketing issues. Strom is the author of two books: Internet Messaging (Prentice Hall, 1998) which he co-authored with Marshall T. Rose and Home Networking Survival Guide (McGrawHill/Osborne, 2001).

Mr. Strom began his career working in varying roles in end-user computing in the IT industry. Mr. Strom has a Masters of Science, Operations Research degree from Stanford University, and a BS from Union College. He was a trustee of the Port Washington public school board from 2003-2005. He is married and lives in St. Louis.

David Strom   + 1 314-277-7832